August Challenge – Start

So, I know I haven’t blogging a lot lately, life gets crazy busy in summer. When I first started blogging, wordpress had a daily prompt thing, so I thought it would be fun to write a story using those daily prompts. Well, found out that they discontinued that, so I’ve had to rethink things a bit. I’m still going to be writing the serial story, but you, dear readers, will be the ones supplying the words. If there is more than one word to chose from, I will select the one that moves the story along best in my opinion. If there are no words suggested, I will pick the prompt until a new one is suggested. So come on and play with me. Now, on to the story. Today’s prompt will be start.


For some reason, when your life changes irreversibly, you always expect it to be with a bang. A car crash, a natural disaster, winning the lottery. Something big and flashy that clearly lets you know things will never be the same again. Maybe it’s because we’ve watched too many movies, you know, the kind where you can clearly tell who the good and bad guys are by listening to the music. I don’t know. But still, you don’t expect your life to be changed in quiet moments, a whisper on a passing breeze, in the still of a night, a flower blooming. The kind of change that if you blink, you might miss it. This is how is starts for Elena. A moment that could’ve gone several different ways, until all of a sudden you’re miles away from where you started and wondering how in the world you reached this place.

Elena’s change started on a idyllic summer day. It was a hot day in July, one of those days where the sky is impossibly blue and the drone of the ever industrious bees act like a lullabye. Elena, or Ely as she preferred to go by, had managed to finish up her latest landscaping job and had the rest of the day. Driving her old farm truck, she only paused at the top of the drive long enough to collect the mail before heading towards the house.


Although the house was too big for one person to live alone in, she found that she couldn’t give it up, memories of summers spent there with her grandparents too precious to let go of. It had been her safe haven when her parents had died in a car accident when she only thirteen. They’d taken her in and loved her through the heartbreak and grief. They’d been such an amazing couple, devoted to each other and showering love on her even though they were past the age to be raising children. Still, they had raised her and supported her all the way through college.

She was twenty-five when the time she was dreaded came and they passed away only days apart, peacefully in their sleep. She was happy that they hadn’t suffered, but she missed them more than she could say. Since then, she’d spent most of her time getting her landscaping business of the ground and trying to care for the beautiful aging house. Climbing out of the truck, she scooped the mail off of the seat and looked over the house. It was almost time to paint again, a full three day job for just the exterior and that was only if the weather held. She shrugged and let it go. It was rare for her to have time to herself, so she was going to spend it relaxing and maybe even reading the newest novel from her favorite author.

Going inside, she dumped the mail onto the counter and poured herself a glass of lemonade, snagging her book before heading out to the porch. What she failed to notice was the manila envelope with her name on it and only a strange symbol for the return address. Who knew that such an innocent looking package would have the same impact as dynamite?


So, what do you guys think? Want me to keep going? Happy Wednesday and Happy Colorado Day!

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