Part 2 – Envelope

Ely spent the better part of the afternoon on the porch, enjoying the beautiful day and her novel. She made herself a light dinner but took it back out to the porch to eat and watch the sunset fade into night and the fireflies emerge. It wasn’t until she found herself dozing off that she got the motivation to get to her feet and head inside.


Settling her dirty dishes in the sink with a promise to wash them in the morning, she glanced around to make sure that she hadn’t left anything out. Satisfied that everything was handled, she noticed the pile of mail on the table and sighed. It probably contained more bills that she was struggling to pay. Although she was proud of her landscaping business, it had been costly to get started. This was the first year that it had actually been in the black, but there was still the backlog of bills that were due.

She thought about simply leaving the mail til the morning, but knew that she would just worry all night if she didn’t know. Resigned, she grumbled as she crossed the kitchen and scooped up the mail. She swiftly sorted through it: junk, junk, bill, local flyer, bill.

She paused when she reached the last item, a large manila envelope. Her name was printed on it in bold letters, the strokes sure and firm. She frowned, wondering what in the world it could be. She’d been accustomed to receiving letters like this while settling her grandparents estate, but she had finalized all of that months ago. She glanced over at the return address, only to find a strange black key stamped in that corner and nothing else.


The postmark was too blurry to make out, so she turned her attention back to the key. It was nagging at her for some reason. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d seen the exact same key somewhere else before. She held it for several minutes as she debated back and forth about opening it. She had a feeling that whatever information this envelope contained would be life-altering. Squaring her shoulders, she finally came to a decision.


Hahaha, cliffie. I’m so evil guys, sorry. If you want to know what happens next, leave me a word 🙂 Happy Thursday!

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